The World Famous Winstar World Casino

Located one hour’s drive from Dallas-Fort Worth area, the Winstar World Casino is a masterpiece of modern design and a real success story in a time when casino revenues are dropping. It attracts players from all around the world and has played host to some famous music and performing acts. Although based in Oklahoma, its largest catchment expands into northern areas of Texas.

History of the Winstar

Where most casinos play on their historic buildings or location, the Winstar World Casino has become the largest casino in the USA through its modernity, ambition and flexibility. It’s hard to believe that the facility was founded as recently as 2004, especially considering that it has undergone two expansions already – one in 2009 and a second in 2013.

The 2009 expansion saw a name change from the Winstar Casino to the Winstar World Casino. Some 519,000 sq ft of space was added along with a hotel tower adding 395 rooms to the existing complex. With this expansion, it became the largest in the state of Oklahoma.

But the expansion was not going to end there. In 2013, a second hotel tower was added, creating an extra 1,000 rooms at the complex. A second sub casino was added to pone of the towers, and it was during this phase that the project became the largest casino complex in the USA. In less than ten years, it became the country’s most successful and largest casino.

Designers and Inspiration

Although not a design masterpiece, the Winstar World Casino is not an eyesore either. Using soft, natural colours suitable for the environment, the exterior blends in well with the surrounding countryside with shades of yellow and brown that mimic the desert environment. The tower is typically of millennium era design, but the front façade of the buildings complex is another matter entirely.

Using mock medieval, classical, Renaissance and North African architectural designs, the designers have kept the Winstar in keeping with the desert environment. It even has mock crenulations and tower typically seen in medieval North Africa and the Levant, with a mix of domes and towers. Walk from ancient Rome to Crusader lands and Renaissance Spain with just a few steps. Another part of the frontage is a replica of the Houses of Parliament in London.

The Winstar’s Facilities

Despite its young age, the Winstar World Casino is a much-celebrated facility today containing the following:

Two immense hotel towers with 500 rooms each
A main hotel with 395 rooms
The Winstar Golf Club with 27 holes over a 225 acre site. It also offers a golfing clinic and holds an elite tournament every year
A parking lot for 200 RVs (camper vans) offering a free shuttle to and from the facility
A resort pool with a waterfall grotto and an adjacent spa
A world famous restaurant in Toby Keith’s “I Love This Bar and Grill”
Multiple event facilities that have played host to Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, Kid Rock and ZZ Top

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