The Most Famous Bitcoin Casinos

There are loads of casinos out there that you can visit to play using your Bitcoin. It’s important to have a lot of options when you gamble online. You want to be able to pay using different currencies and enjoy a wide range of wonderful games. Pretty soon you’ll be able to visit any online casino and use your Bitcoin to play instantly. So, for the time being, here are some of the leading online Bitcoin casinos you can try out to be getting on with.


MegaDice is famed for being the first ever Bitcoin casino online. You might know it better by its original name SatoshiDice. But it was subject to a buyout and changed its name to MegaDice. It still has the same principles though, and is one of the most fun and exciting Bitcoin casinos online, and, with it’s free faucet, it’s the perfect place to earn more Bitcoin. The site is one of the best provably fair BTC casino in the world, and you need to pay a visit right now.


One of the things we love the most about CoinRoll is the fact that it doesn’t require any registration to enjoy it. You can simply visit the site and play without having to go through the lengthy sign-up process. There is a wonderfully low house edge you can enjoy, and you’ll be able to choose the addresses you want your winnings to go to. Bets are made off the block chain at this brilliant and unforgettable Bitcoin casino. This is one of the safest and most fun places on the net to bet Bitcoin. Good luck, and happy wagering!

When you’re looking for a casino that is perfect for gambling with Bitcoin, one that’s named is probably the best bet. This casino from Softswiss offers over 1,000 wonderful games to choose from, and there is no end to the fun and hi-jinx you can have here. Funds are held in cold storage, and this ensures that you can rely on the safety and security of the site. Knowing your BTC are safe and secure is so important when it comes to choosing the right Bitcoin casino. So this is one of the best choices for experts and rookies alike.

SwC Poker

It’s not just casinos and sportsbooks that offer Bitcoin gambling, Poker sites also get in on the action. SealsWithClubs (SwC) is one of the most famous and well-known Poker sites that accepts Bitcoin. You can flex your Poker muscles here and make sure you enjoy some hands, and it’s a great opportunity to spend and earn some more Bitcoin while you’re at it. The site has a great reputation and is very popular among Poker aficionados.

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