The Bellagio

The Bellagio is more than just a destination to stay at whilst you explore the rest of Las Vegas. The Bellagio is a resort that provides you with so much to do and see that you feel like your holiday is staying at The Bellagio- you never have to leave! With eateries, galleries, water fountain displays and much, much more, The Bellagio is a holiday destination all by itself, and this is what has given it it’s famous reputation.

Located right on the infamous strip of Las Vegas, in Paradise, Nevada to be exact, lies the luxurious resort that is The Bellagio. Built on the site of a smaller, less fancy resort, the Dunes Resort, in 1992, the site was bought for $75 million- a price that means nothing in comparison to the massive construction price of $1.6 billion, making it the most expensive resort ever built (a reputation and title that has never been forgotten!). It took four long years to build this palatial like structure, and it was finally opened to the public on the 15th October 1998… with a grand opening party costing a further $88 million!

It’s down to a whole host of reasons, however, that the Bellagio’s reputation is understood world wide- it’s a resort that is known for it’s sophistication and elegance. One of these reasons is down to the fact that the Bellagio had a very unique, permanent Cirque du Soleil show especially for the resort- the first and only¬†underwater and on water Cirque du Soleil show. No other resort had anything like this, boosting the levels of the Bellagio’s uniqueness. The Bellagio also boasts an extensive gallery of fine art, home to pieces that are lusted over by collectors and worth hundreds of thousands- if not millions- of pounds. The gallery is a huge attraction for tourists and guests at the Bellagio, and there are often special exhibit’s put on at different points in the year. Other features that have provided this luxurious resort with it’s history-making reputation include the Conservatory, the Botanical Gardens, the casino and, of course, the fountains of Bellagio. With synchronised shows and flashing, coloured lights, these fountains alone have a world famous reputation, which contributes massively to the Bellagio’s.

The Bellagio’s links to gambling are one of the main reasons that the resorts reputation has exceeded itself. The poker room is truly an admirable one and there are few and far gamblers between who would not make the trip to play there if they could. With table limits being exceedingly high and with high stake games broadly available, the world renowned poker room is often frequented by some of the top poker players there are, including Doyle Brunson and Jennifer Harman. In fact, professional poker players use the Bellagio’s poker room so often that is has actually been nicknamed “The Office” because it is their preferred place of play.

Whilst many well known and indeed, well loved, casino’s, resorts and gambling joints fade away with time, with some even ending up as dust because they’ve been demolished to be replaced with something new and shiny, the Bellagio has so far stood the test of time. Having been open for 18 years, it’s reputation has only become more and more great with age. It always has a new exhibit to display, a new theme in the botanical gardens, a light show for guests to watch in awe. It’s consistently bettering itself and trying new things- and this is what makes it so successful at standing the test of time. The Bellagio is guaranteed to go down in history as the best resort and casino in the world.

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