Famous Casinos in TV

Casinos are so iconic and impressive that we can’t help but look at them and think wow. They give a wonderful scope for luxury, money, and power, and that’s probably why movies and TV shows love to use them. Think about how awesome it looks when people show a casino on a TV show. You really get that sense of being in Vegas, and how it looks and feels there.

The use of casinos in television has been pretty widespread, though more so in movies. You have to consider the different shows that feature casinos prominently, and there are probably more than you think there are. Here is a list of some of the famous casinos found on the small screen, some are real, while others are fictionalised versions.

Montecito Resort & Casino – Las Vegas

The Montecito Resort and Casino is a fictional casino from the US crime TV series Las Vegas. The show ran for five seasons before being cancelled, but it was an interesting and riveting look at the crime side of Vegas. The show showed all kinds of aspects of the world of casino life, following employees and casino security within the casino. There were a few real life casinos used for scenes when filming Montecito, and they were primarily the Monte Carlo, and Mandalay Bay. This gives it the real scope and feel of being a proper Las Vegas casino, despite being a fictional one.

Binions – Casino Confidential

Casino Confidential is a documentary series on the TLC network, and it follows the employees of the famous Las Vegas casino Binions. Named after founder Benny Binion, the casino is hugely popular, and one of the mainstays of the Vegas scene. It is not just Casino Confidential that has featured this casino though. The 1971 James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever also features the casino, as does several shots in U2’s music video I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. This is one of the most iconic and famous casinos in Las Vegas, and we’re sure it will be shown again on TV soon.

Borgata Casino – The Sopranos

This is a real-life casino found in Atlantic City. The Borgata Casino has been around since 2003 and continues to be a huge part of the Atlantic City gambling scene. Visually it’s pretty iconic, and it has the largest hotel in New Jersey. Those more eagle-eyed among us will recognise that it has, in fact, feathered on TV. The casino had the distinct honour of being used in some scenes and episodes of hit crime drama The Sopranos. This has ensured it cult status among fans of the show, and it continues to be a cultural and tourist landmark in New Jersey.

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