Celebs Who Have Stayed at the Bellagio, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the ideal place to go celebrity spotting that is accessible to ordinary folk. The Bellagio is one of its most famous and iconic hotel & casino resorts on “The Strip”. Naturally, it’s also a great playground of the rich and famous, your chance to rub shoulders with some of the following icons. The following are known to have stayed at the hotel recently voted as the world’s best.

Robert De Niro

Perhaps its most famous patron, it is believed that the iconic film actor has stayed at the hotel on no less than 14 separate occasions. Several of these visits may have been research or staying as a guest during filming of his film Casino, based loosely on the life and times of Frank Rosenthal. Though fictionalised, some of the events in the film happened as portrayed. This was not the first time De Niro played a mobster.

Jennifer Lopez

The singer and actress once engaged to Ben Affleck is known to have stayed at the hotel at least twice. Her biggest breakout film was The Wedding Planner although this was not her first film. Curiously, in the same week the film was released Lopez album J-Lo topped the album charts. She was the first person to have a top grossing film and album in the same week.

Morgan Freeman

Another of the world’s most famous actors, Freeman has appeared in such classics as The Shawshank Redemption, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and most recently in the Dark Knight trilogy as Lucius Fox, Bruce Wayne/Batman’s chief technology designer. Freeman’s patronage as a guest counts at least 13 separate occasions. Unlucky for some, but Freeman fans have a strong chance of seeing the actor here.

Paris Hilton

The daughter and heiress to the Hilton brand is said to have made her debut as a DJ at Hyde at the Bellagio resort. She counted down the seconds to New Year. We understand that Hilton has been a guest of the hotel on no less than four separate occasions. Hilton has demonstrated herself willing to try her hand at anything – reality TV star and author too. Her stint as a DJ surprised few people and she went on to have a music career.

Michael Douglas

Another of the world’s most famous actors, Douglas married Catherine Zeta Jones in 2000, a woman 25 years his junior. In recent years, he has battled tongue cancer (although media reports mistakenly said throat cancer). Amongst his films are Wall Street and Falling Down. He also produced award winning iconic film One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Douglas, with or without Zeta Jones, is said to have stayed at the Bellagio on no less than 10 separate occasions.

Mary Steenburgen

Although she has a long and exemplary list of film credits, it’s the quirky and nerdy Clara Clayton in Back to the Future III for which she will be most remembered. Steenburgen holds the record (that we know of) as the female celebrity with the most patronage of the Bellagio. She has stayed at the hotel on no less than 12 occasions.

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