Casino Monte-Carlo

Casino Monte-Carlo is not just famous in it’s own right. but has also bought fame to Monte-Carlo generally, boosting it’s tourism levels dramatically. The initial thought process of bringing a casino to Monte-Carlo seemed like a failing plan at the time, as there were no main connections to local towns or countries through which easy access to the casino could be provided, yet the idea belonged to Princess Caroline, with the intention of saving the House of Grimaldi from potential bankruptcy, and so the plan went ahead regardless of doubts. The casino’s construction was finished in 1863, and it has continued only to grow since then.

The casino may not be as large as some of the Las Vegas casino’s but this doesn’t mean there is any less to play there; there is still a large range of ways to gamble your money away. The casino has Craps, Blackjack, Snap, Baccarat, Stud and Video Poker, Trente et Quarante, numerous kinds of Roulette and a large number of slot machines. Whilst these all sound very typical for a casino, this is not the only reason the Casino Monte-Carlo is world renowned.
The casino features quite a lot in a range of popular books and films. Most commonly is it’s continual appearance throughout James Bond books and films. Being a gambler and lover of money, risks and alcohol, Bond often frequents casino’s, and Monte-Carlo’s seem’s to be a favourite of his. It was also used as one of the locations for filming in the popular Ocean’s film’s- specifically, Ocean’s Twelve. Other films include one’s you may not imagine, popular children’s movies- Car’s 2 and Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.
However, the casino has gone down in history – and will continue to – for two major events that occurred at the casino.
Event one was the ‘breaking of the bank’ by Joseph Jagger. This happened in 1873, just ten years after opening, and it caused a huge amount of publicity for the casino. The way in which Jagger managed to ‘break the bank’ was after he discovered a bias on one of the roulette wheels in the casino, and so capitalized this bias. It’s an event that has gone down in history, and event that has even had songs written about it…and an event that helped boost the publicity of the casino.
Event two is an event linked to gambler’s fallacy. Gambler’s fallacy is the wrongly believed idea that if something happens more often than normal in a certain space of time, it will happen less than normal in the future and vice versa. This belief is wrong, but in 1913 the most famous example of this gambler’s fallacy happened at the Casino Monte-Carlo, when the ball repeatedly fell in black for a grand total of 26 times in a row. This lead many gamblers to believe a long red streak was to follow- it was not- and so a great number of people lost a lot of money. However, this is another story that drew great publicity to the casino and has caused it to make it’s historical mark in the world of gambling.

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