Caesar’s Palace

One of the most luxurious resorts and casino’s in the world, Caesar’s Palace is located in the heart of Las Vegas- on the strip- in the prime location; on the west side, next to the world famous, elegant and regal resort that is The Bellagio.

Caesar’s Palace is a notable resort for an abundance of reasons. One of these is it’s extremely large size. The palace possesses a massive 3,960 rooms, with some of these rooms spanning an area of 1000 square feet! These aren’t based in one building either- they are spread across six, large towers that make up the resort. One of these towers alone cost $4.2 million to construct, but this is just a small sum when the costs of everything else are taken into consideration.

Another reason that Caesar’s is such a notable resort is due to it’s large scale entertainment complex and the variety of activities and events it puts on. The resort has a huge entertainment venue that holds 4.296 people and has seen many a star grace it’s stage, from Cher to Celine Dion, Stevie Nicks and even Barack Obama himself. Several shows that have been performed at the venue have been one off”s, limited edition shows and nearly all of the shows have been sell out’s.

Further attractions seen at Caesar’s include a variety of theatre shows, night clubs, famous restaurants with appearances from celebrity chef’s and, of course, Caesar’s Magical Empire, one of the most anticipated venues to witness eye popping magic tricks from first class magicians. Sporting events such as Caesar’s Palace Grand Prix have also made the resort one of notable reputation and worthy of going down in history, along with numerous amounts of championship boxing matches, professional wrestling events and even some hockey games! The resorts creativity and diversity make it one that will be remembered forever- if it doesn’t stick around for that long, that is!

Another part of the resorts make up that will ensure it is always remembered as a world class resort is it’s unique and historical theme of Ancient Rome. The name itself, ‘Caesar’s Palace’ is a reference to the Roman leader Julius Caesar, and the theme continues throughout the rest of the resort. The six towers that hold the 3,960 rooms of the palace have been given Roman names too- Nobu (previously Centurion), Roman, Palace, Octavius, Augustus and Forum, whilst the entertainment venue itself is named The Colosseum! The resort has many other Roman or Ancient Rome style features, including some replica Roman art, Ancient Rome style water features and columns in the structure of the resort.

Even if Caesar’s Palace itself does not stand the test of time, although this is unlikely, it will forever be remembered due to it’s frequent references across pop culture. It makes an appearance in a huge number of films and TV shows, including Ocean’s Eleven, The Hangover, Dream Girls, 2012, The Soprano’s, The Simpson’s, Will and Grace and much, much more.

Finally, Caesar’s casino. It is definitely one of the reasons that the resort is a) so enjoyed and b) so famous. The casino brags a massive 16 poker tables across 4,500 square feet, a huge range of slot machines including video blackjack, video reel machines, classic slot machines, keno and more and an equally wide range of table games available, from Baccarat, Spanish 21 and Craps to Roulette, Blackjack and Pai Gow Poker. You can even watch your favourite sports on game day and place bets via the available Race Book or Sports Book. There is gambling available in an abundance at Caesar’s Palace and it has made it a huge, vastly popular tourist attraction- as well as being one of the highlights of any Las Vegas trip.

Caesar’s Palace is a one of a kind resort, from it’s large and lustworthy casino to it’s huge entertainment complex down to it’s Ancient Rome style decor, which is definitely something to marvel at, there’s no doubt that this unique building will remain a popular holiday and gambling destination for a very long time to come.his

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